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Hold Open Season for Living Water Project
Air to Water and Chris Sanders is holding a binding open season that will close November 10, 2015 for the new Living Water Project, as proposed the project will catapult Air to Water, Inc. to new heights with four (4) new preliminary to permanent US patents and currently working and up and running and up graded prototypes, that are sustainable and perpetually producing the cleanest drinking water on the planet.

Following the close of open season on the initial offering from the Living Water Project, the estimated compulsory values will increase from our current $5,000,000.00 valuation to an estimated $10,250,000.00, more than doubling investments.  Air to Water leads the world in this technology and has taken this technology and this water process with NASA into outer space.

Investment at Initial Stage
10% for $125,000.00

This will pay for four (4) preliminary patents to be filed
from the filing date we have 12 months to line up the preliminary patents
with our working prototypes.  $25,000.00 on R&D prototypes.

or 50% of the company for


After the patents are filed we be seeking $8,250,000.00 to manufacture our units.
Our previous manufacturing partners in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are ready.
Our costs for manufacturing back packs, home units, and agricultural units.
total $8,250,00.00 and our profits will be over $8,250,000.00.
We are able to literally double our money on each product because there is no competition and we created Air to Water, the company that took Water into outer space.

Phase 2

1. The Air to Water Back Pack
2. The Home Air to Water Water Well
3. Agricultural Air to Water Containers
4. Air to Water Water Tower Conversions
 Air to Water Wind Tower Conversions


1.  Back Pack Units. 
We will manufacture our initial 3,000 back packs at $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 each
The $1,000 back pack will return $1,000,000.00
The $2,000 back pack will return $2,000,000.00
The $3,000 back pack will return $3,000,000.00
totaling $6,000,000.00
profit $3,000,000.00

2. Home Water Well. 
We will manufacture 3,000 units.  I will make improvements on solar assist, watts and water out put.
We will make three units for the home, 10 gallons, 25 gallons, and 50 gallons per day.
10 gallons per day will cost $1,000
25 gallons per day will cost $2,500
50 gallons per day will cost $5,000
1,000 -  10 gallon a day Home Water Units return $1,000,000.00
1,000 -  25 gallon a day Home Water Units return $2,500,000.00
1,000 -  50 gallon a day Home Water Units return $5,000,000.00
totaling $8,500,000.00
profit $4,250,000.00

3. Agricultural Air to Water Container Well
We will make two of these two (2)units at $500,000.00
sell two unit for $2,000,000.00
profit $1,000,000.00

TOTALING $8,250,000.00

We will manufacture #4 and #5 on a joint venture basis.


Please help us - help the people of Texas!


Chris Sanders and Ried Niamatali providing clean water
through Lonestar Natural Electric donations! 

The first Air to Water unit was by Air Conditioning - Air to Water unit created in 200

Air to Water Sustainable Agricultural Water Solution!

chickens air to water


Using Natural Gas generators we are able to produce thousands of gallons
of clean drinking water. 
The perfect solution for dairy farms for the freshest milk!
For chickens with the cleanest eggs. As tested by the EPA
Air to Water is the cleanest water on the planet!

For most homes in the city we offer a home Air to Water unit which requires about 500 watts of electricity. The water itself has no chlorine and no chemicals. It is the solution as water has become our most precious commodity.

Air to Water, Inc. water systems for homes.  Our water machines require 300 - 400 watts which is 1/10th of the electricity most water machines demand at 3000 - 4000 watts.

What do we use to clean the water?
Reverse osmosis (RO) , sound, and ultra violet light.
In the past the RO systems were huge like the one below.
Today, that exact technology has been modified and put into
a small black box like the one pictured above.
The result is our Air to Water Machine for clean water.

Chris Sanders - has turned the desert into a farm in New Mexico in an area that was considered not to be viable because of the lack of rain fall.  Chris Sanders has created sustainable integration for water creation.

 "What makes this sustainable is that solar energy
is used to produce constant water from the atmosphere.
I am the first idiot to put a solar panel
on top of a water dehumidifier the result could save the world 
with both clean drinking water and hydrogen energy."

Says Chris Sanders about his transformed acreage in south
east New Mexico using what Robert Plarr calls sustainable integration.

Moderate Climate and Lack of Rain

Chris Sanders develops the commercial Air to Water machine.

Sustainable Angels saves children through world wide water!

 Air to Water, Inc.

Joseph Keating
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Chris Sanders


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