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Please help us - help the people of our Planet!


Chris Sanders is providing clean water
through Lonestar Natural Electric and independent donations! 

The first Air to Water unit was by Air Conditioning - Air to Water unit created in 2002

Christopher C. Sanders Air to Water Inc. - Sustainable Angels
Air to Water Sustainable Agricultural Water Solution!

Sean Gordon - President of Air to Water and his son Lil G

Sean Gordon, with his son.

chickens air to water

California - Emergency Air to Water Systems were
designed by Chris Sanders for the future forest fires of
California in 2015.  If implemented forest fires would be a thing of the past.  He can not do this alone. Something to consider.



Christopher Charles Sanders and his son Eden Ocean Sanders

Chris Sanders, with his son in 2006.
Contact Chris Sanders about agricultural water needs.
Using Natural Gas generators we are able to produce thousands of gallons of clean drinking water.  The perfect solution for dairy farms for the freshest milk! For chickens with the cleanest eggs!  Cities for the cleanest water!
Do you want to eat ...pollution?
Do you want to drink chlorine and fluoride?
The answer is here. 
It is just a matter of application of Mr. Sanders' information.
Air to Water is the cleanest water on the planet!

For most homes in the city we offer a home Air to Water unit which requires about 380 watts of electricity. The water itself has no chlorine and no chemicals. It is the solution as water has become our most precious commodity.

Air to Water, Inc. water systems for homes.  Our water machines require 300 - 400 watts which is 1/10th of the electricity most water machines demand at 3000 - 4000 watts.

What do we use to clean the water?
Reverse osmosis (RO) , sound, and ultra violet light.
In the past the RO systems were huge like the one below.
Today, that exact technology has been modified and put into
a small black box like the one pictured above.
The result is our Air to Water Machine for clean water.

Air to Water and our Tree Farms

With our technology we have the power to plant trees all over the world!

Reforestation Projects are bound by the terms of the United Nations and The Kyoto Protocol to offset the emissions different nations produce by planting trees in areas designated as forests. 

The Trees we plant reverses part of the damage that is caused by our global emissions.  
 More about the Kiri Tree can be learned at the website

Chris Sanders - has turned the desert into a farm in New Mexico in an area that was considered not to be viable because of the lack of rain fall.  Chris Sanders has created sustainable integration for water creation.

 "What makes this sustainable is that solar energy
is used to produce constant water from the atmosphere.
I am the first idiot to put a solar panel
on top of a water dehumidifier the result could save the world 
with both clean drinking water and hydrogen energy."

Says Chris Sanders about his transformed acreage in south
east New Mexico using what Robert Plarr calls sustainable integration.

Moderate Climate and Lack of Rain

Chris Sanders develops the commercial Air to Water machine.

Sustainable Angels saves children through world wide water!

April 2016

Chris Sanders is building water sheds for the people of Texas through churches and other non profit institutions such as the Sustainable Angels.


donate to our water projects through the non profit
Sustainable Angels a 501C3 non profit.

 Air to Water, Inc.
We put water in outer space!
 on the (ISS) International Space Station since 2007!
(Virgin Galactic)

"While everyone is concerned about people far away, I am concerned with the people here at home. Please help me build water sheds for the people here in the States who need clean drinking water.  There are more communities than you could imagine and our goal is to help each one. Everyone deserves clean drinking water.  These donations go directly to churches, communities, cities, and missions here in the United States."

Chris Sanders

Hurrican First Responders


(310) 970-2400

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